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Settlements Item Codes

Fallout 4 item codes with spawn commands.
Item ID
DLC Required
Bunker Hill 00019956
Starlight Drive-In 0001d0e2
Outpost Zimonja 00024a26
Sanctuary Hills 000250fe
Red Rocket Truck Stop 00054bae
The Castle 00066eb6
Abernathy farm 0006f5c5
Graygarden 0009b18f
The Slog 0009b197
Finch Farm 0009b19d
Warwick Homestead 0009b1a5
Tenpines Bluff 0009b1ac
Nordhagen Beach 0009b1be
Oberland Station 0009b1d1
County Crossing 0009b1db
Greentop Nursery 0009b1f1
Boston Airport 000b3506
Covenant 000e0505
Taffington Boathouse 00135a90
Home Plate 00141df5
Spectacle Island 00161f4b
Egret Tours Marina 00164321
Kingsport Lighthouse 001654b8
Croup Manor 001654bd
Jamaica Plain 001654cf
Sunshine Tidings Co-op 001654d5
Coastal cottage 00168945
Murkwater construction site 0016d28e
Somerville Place 001e81ea
Hangman's Alley 001f0711
Vault 88 xx000fef
National Park Visitor's Center xx00ab20
The Mechanist's lair xx00b218
Nuka-World Red Rocket xx00bceb
Echo Lake Lumber xx01c6ae
Longfellow's cabin xx020650
Dalton farm xx038eac