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Other Perks Item Codes

Fallout 4 item codes with spawn commands.
Item ID
DLC Required
Legendary Radioactive 001fe6b0
Legendary Poison 001fe6b2
Legendary Accuracy 001fe6b8
Power Armor Rad Resist 00204a55
Eleanors Friendship 00206182
Courser Accuracy 0020aee4
Courser Gunslinger 01 0020aee9
Courser Gunslinger 02 0020aeea
Courser Gunslinger 03 0020aeeb
Courser Gunslinger 04 0020aeec
Courser Gunslinger 05 0020aeed
Courser Commando 01 0020aeee
Courser Commando 02 0020aeef
Courser Commando 03 0020aef0
Courser Commando 04 0020aef1
Courser Commando 05 0020aef2
Vendor Markup 0020ce99
CZ Reduce Damage 0020f48e
Fortify XP Bonus Food 0021188d
Vertibird Reduce Explosion Damage 0022b62c
Legendary Power Armor Rads Core Health 0022b63f
RE Checkpoint Damage Resist Boost 0022bac2
Virgil Defense 0022f0fa
RE Checkpoint Less Damage 90 00231be9
Power Armor Shock Damage 0023a403
MS 19 Disease 0023aec1
RE Checkpoint Prevent Limb Damage 0023d4b0
Minutemen Health Bonus 00240331
Addiction Manager 002458ba
CR Gorilla Reduced Damage 002458be
Explosion 1 00245ac3
Power Armor Explosive Shielding 00245ac4
Less Stagger 00245afe
Explosion 2 00245b04
Reduced Sprint 00245b86
Brawler 00245b9b
Ignore Armor 00245ba3
Stabilized 00245bba
Reduced Power Attack 00245bd8
Stealth Move 00245be8
Endangerol 0024754a
Carla Markdown 00247e8c
DN 017 Danse Synth Invulnerability 0024800a
Power Armor Common Arm 0024848e
Stealth Boy Bonuses 002496a0
MS 10 Outfit 00249855
CR Damage Kellogg 002499b0
Mod Chance Cripple 00d3fcbb
SwarmGametitle-FO4 NW xx03f842