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Fallout 4 Commands
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Notes Item Codes

Fallout 4 item codes with spawn commands.
Item ID
DLC Required
H's note xx04a51d
Shorty's note xx04a51e
Good looking guy's note xx04a51f
Pissed off guy's note xx04a520
Note about missing slaves xx04a521
Rumor about missing slaves xx04a522
Traitor's note xx04aa33, xx04aa34, xx04aa35
Letter from Maxwell xx04b188
To my "family" xx04b347
Fire Belly recipe xx04b9b4
Craneberry Island supplies note xx04d21e
Cito's note xx04d3d7
Eliza map of home xx04dbc0
Brother Alders xx04dfcb
Unfinished note xx04dfcd
Taste test xx04dfd2
Brother Devin's diary xx04dfe5
The Sacred Elements xx04e0b4
The radicorn xx04e97b
Buzz's apology xx04e97c
Disciple affirmations xx04e97c
Eliza journals xx04e97e, xx04e97f, xx04e980, xx04e981, xx04e982, xx04e983, xx04fae8
Gift card xx04eb5d
Islander's Almanac xx04ef8b, xx04ef8d, xx04ef8f, xx04ef92, xx04ef94
Hasty letter xx04f54f
Going to the roof xx04f553
They hit Boston xx04f554
Eliza family drawing xx04faea
Last note from mom xx04fb95
Consultation note xx04fb97
Report from PV xx04fb99
Old letter xx04fb9b
RUN! xx04fb9d
Note xx04fba0, xx04fba1, xx04fba2, xx04fba3
Douglas's note xx04fd11
 A New Path xx04fd1c
Blank note xx0500a9
Project Cobalt complete xx050a9f
Victoria's note xx0540a4
Radioman's note xx0541fe, xx0541ff
Dylan's note xx054200
Scrawled journal xx054203
Fanatical writings xx054204
Trapper's note xx054216
Carlo's note xx054226
Put It from Your Mind xx054258
Project Cobalt schematics xx056cf9
Nuka-nuke schematics xx056cfe
Repairs in progress xx05711d