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Fallout 4 Commands
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Keys Item Codes

Fallout 4 item codes with spawn commands.
Item ID
DLC Required
Starlight Theater pantry key xx0294a9
Faraday's program xx029591
Footlocker key xx02c903
Scratched key xx02dbed
Dirty key xx02dbee
Rusty key xx02dbef
Nuka-World utility substation key xx02dee8
Utility substation password xx02deea
Galactic Zone manager's key xx0327a3
Ship's safe combination xx032c55
Worn key (pump control) xx037489
Nuka-Galaxy employee key xx038944
CEO's master password xx038d90
Acadia storage key xx038ed7
Aldersea Day Spa key xx039de7
Cito's key xx03b9cd
AFAD key xx03b9d4
Dr. Hein's passcode xx03b9d6
Icon cut Dr. McDermot's passcode xx03b9e0
Icon cut Terminal password xx03ba46
Plant control room key xx03c5a9
Nuka-World storage room key xx03db4e
Kiddie Kingdom tunnels key xx03e4fa
Clark's stash key xx03f836
Trailer key xx042607
Dunmore safe key xx042b5d
Mad Mulligan's Mine key xx0431b0
Bradberton's safe key xx046908
Dry Rock Gulch safe combination xx046cf6
Dry Rock Gulch Theater key xx047e0f
Parlor dressing room key xx04894d
Vault 118 keycard, #3 xx048a49
Vault 118 keycard, #2 xx048a4a
Vault 118 keycard, #1 xx048a4b
Vault 118 keycard, #5 xx048a4c
Vault 118 keycard, #4 xx048a4d
Vault 118 keycard, #6 xx048a4e
Kiddie Kingdom roof key xx04a08d
Oswald's password xx04a096
Vault 118 key xx04b1b4
RobCo Battlezone key xx04b1cc
Mad Mulligan's employee key xx04bacd
Cranberry Island shed key xx04d20a
Vault 118 overseer's key xx04e710
Casey's password xx04f556
Victoria's key xx04fa99
Douglas's key xx04fd13
Jule's key xx050047
Vim CEO password xx05441b