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Junk Item Codes

Fallout 4 item codes with spawn commands.
Item ID
DLC Required
160lb dumbbell 0023c85e
40lb barbell 0023c85f
80lb curlbar 0023c860
Typewriter xx001be5
Code xx0035c4
Black Ice xx0035c5
Plastic bowl xx010129
Drinking glass xx01012d
Plastic plate xx010130
Coffee cup xx010135
Garden gnome xx019e16
None xx019e17
None xx019e18
Condenser power module xx023b23
Souvenir coffee cup xx02689d
Souvenir drinking glass xx02689e
Souvenir plate xx02689f
Souvenir plastic bowl xx0268a0
Souvenir magnet cow xx0268a1
Souvenir teddy bear xx02a180
Souvenir magnet badge xx02a181
Souvenir magnet flower xx02a182
Souvenir magnet frog xx02a183
Souvenir magnet cat xx02a184
Souvenir sloth toy xx02a185
Nuka-Cola cup xx02a186
Pizza tray xx02a187
Burger tray xx02a188
Hot dog tray xx02a189
Nuka-Cola cup and straw xx02b60c
Nuka-Cola cup pack xx02b60f
Souvenir toy car xx02bfef
Modified bowling ball schematic xx03171b
Lumberjack saw xx0365ee
Condensed fog xx03a2d1
Jug xx03a2d4
Hide bundle xx040df0
Red paint can xx044bdb
Plastic skull xx045cf7
Plastic upper skull xx045cf8
Cat remains xx045e97
None xx045e99
None xx045e9b
None xx045e9d
None xx045ea6
None xx045ea8
None xx045eaa
Gatorclaw hide xx04aa16
Gatorclaw hand xx04aa19