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Creation Club Item Codes

Fallout 4 item codes with spawn commands.
Item ID
DLC Required
Argent plasma cell fe0xx804
 AM 810 music catalogue fe0xx000
B-263 encryption key fe0xx000
B-263 mission log fe0xx000
Captain Janssen's journal fe0xx000
Connie's confession fe0xx000
Connie's note fe0xx000
Dawson's holotape fe0xx000
Director's notes fe0xx000
FM 52.7 music catalogue fe0xx000
‎Hodges' journal fe0xx000
Jenny's diary fe0xx000
Maria's holotape‎‎ fe0xx000
Notes on the throne room fe0xx000
Notes on the X-02 fe0xx000
Richie's note fe0xx000
Sentinel program mission report‎‎ fe0xx000
Sentinel system log‎‎ fe0xx000
The Black Devil vol. 1 fe0xx000
Vasquez's holotape fe0xx000
Scabby's journal KEEP OUT fe0xx85c
Ivy's story fe0xx875
Connor's story fe0xx876
Silas' story fe0xx877
‎Zane's story fe0xx878
Player's story fe0xx879
‎Handwritten note fe0xx87a
Zane's associates fe0xx87b
Bounty: Wanted in Beacon Hill fe0xx87c
‎Bounty: Wanted in Concord fe0xx87d
Gunner Jack's note fe0xx8a3
Gunner Deuce's note fe0xx8af
Gunner Ace's note fe0xx8b6
Sarge's clues fe0xx8c1, fe0xx8ca, fe0xx8c8
Sarge's note fe0xx8c2
Gunner Queen's note fe0xx8c9
Ellie's supply run note fe0xxbf3
Ellie's notes fe0xxfcd
‎Hubris delivery locations xx000865
Shipping manifest TKB-0681 xx00092a
Note to travelers xx000d77
Charlie's journal xx000d7d
Noir penthouse key fe0xx000
Nu Cafe Ola key fe0xxfc8
Tunnel Snakes cell key xx000867
Wally's footlocker key xx000918
Hubris TV studios key xx000c4c
Charlestown condo key xx000d79