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Chems Item Codes

Fallout 4 item codes with spawn commands.
Item ID
DLC Required
Buffout 33778
Antibiotics 000008ab
Stimpak 00023736
RadAway 00023742
Rad-X 00024057
Med-X 00033779
Mentats 0003377b
Psycho 0003377d
Jet 000366c5
Addictol 000459c5
Berry Mentats 000518bb
Orange Mentats 000518c5
Jet Fuel 000518d0
Vault 81 cure 00055f10
Buffjet 00058aa3
Bufftats 00058aa5
Calmex 00058aa7
Psycho jet 00058aa8
Psychotats 00058aaa
Psychobuff 00058aac
Overdrive 00058aad
Skeeto Spit 00058abc
Fury 000628ca
X-111 compound 0007238f
Mysterious serum 000ec4f7
Ultra jet 00101299
Grape Mentats 0010129a
X-cell 001506f4
Day Tripper 00150729
Daddy-O 00156d0b
None 00249f2c
Herbal stimulant 00249f8d
Herbal anodyne 00249f8e
Herbal antimicrobial 00249f8f
Smooth Operator xx023e61
Agile sludgepak xx048bd4
Strong sludge cocktail xx04b4b5
Durable sludgepak xx04b4bb
Fire Belly xx04b5fa
Resilient sludge cocktail xx054452