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Armor & Clothing Item Codes

Fallout 4 item codes with spawn commands.
Item ID
DLC Required
Marine wetsuit xx03a556
Marine tactical helmet xx03a557
Disciples armored skirt xx03b554
Disciples strapped right leg xx03b555
Disciples strapped left leg xx03b556
Disciples hood xx03b557
Disciples hood xx03b557
Disciples strapped right arm xx03b558
Disciples strapped left arm xx03b559
Pack feather necklace xx03b8a9
Operators left arm xx03b8aa
Operators right arm xx03b8ab
Operators chest piece xx03b8ae
Prospector's hat xx04231f
Cowboy hat xx042322
Black cowboy hat xx042323
Western duster xx042325
Pirate hat xx04262b
Vault 118 jumpsuit xx043331
Nuka-World geyser shirt & jeans xx044da3
Nuka-World geyser jacket & jeans xx044da4
Bottle and Cappy orange jacket & jeans xx044da5
Bottle and Cappy red jacket & jeans xx044da6
Nuka-World jacket & jeans xx044da7
Cappy jacket & jeans xx044da8
Hunter's long coat xx046027
Chase's uniform xx048234
Rescue diver suit xx04885a
Mason's outfit xx04a6a1
Legend of the Harbor xx04b9b1
The Captain's Hat xx04b9b3
Yao-guai finger necklace xx04e26f
Colorful light green undergarments xx04e27f
Colorful yellow undergarments xx04e280
Colorful light blue undergarments xx04e281
Colorful green undergarments xx04e282
Colorful brown undergarments xx04e283
Colorful dark blue undergarments xx04e284
Colorful dark green undergarments xx04e285
Hunter's pelt outfit xx04e698
Coastal armor xx04fa88
Lobster trap helmet xx04fa89
Oswald's tophat xx050dd1
The Dapper Gent xx05159b
Furry pants & T-shirt xx0520cf
Black fisherman's overalls xx0570d3
Green fisherman's overalls xx0570d4
Grey fisherman's overalls xx0570d9
Brown fisherman's overalls xx0570da