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Ammunition Item Codes

Fallout 4 item codes with spawn commands.
Item ID
DLC Required
Plasma cartridge 0001dbb7
10mm 0001f276
5.56mm 0001f278
.50 caliber 0001f279
.45 round 0001f66a
.308 round 0001f66b
5mm 0001f66c
Shotgun shell 0001f673
Pip-Boy glove 00021b3b
.38 round 0004ce87
Fusion core 00075fe4
.44 round 0009221c
Fusion cell 000c1897
Missile 000caba3
Flamer fuel 000cac78
Gamma round 000df279
Mini nuke 000e6b2e
Junk 000e942c
Cannonball 000fd11c
Railway spike 000fe269
Alien blaster round 001025aa
Flare 001025ae
2mm EC 0018abdf
Cryo cell 0018abe2
Name  Base ID 
Name  Base ID 
Name  Base ID 
Argent plasma cell fe0xx804
Syringer ammo varies
Harpoon xx010b80
Modified bowling ball xx02740e
.45-70 xx02c8b1
7.62mm xx037897