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Explore Fallout 4 companions. Click on a companion name to learn more.

Companions never die. You can only have one companion with you at a time.

Affinity can be gained or lost for a companion. If a companion is following you, you will gain or lose affinity for your actions. For companions that are not following you, so long as they are NEAR YOU, you can gain or lose affinity; if they are far away, you will not affect their affinity.
Companion Perk
Perk Description
Weapon of Choice
Codsworth Robot Sympathy +10 Damage resistance vs. Robotic Energy Weapons Melee
Curie Combat Medic Once every 24 hours, if you fall below 10% health, you will gain 100 HP Flamethrower
Deacon Cloak & Dagger +20% Sneak Attack damage, +40% Stealth Boy duration Rifle
Dogmeat None None
Old Longfellow Hunter’s Wisdom
Robert MacReady Killshot +20% V.A.T.S headshot accuracy in theory, in reality much higher Sniper Rifle
Nick Valentine Close to Metal Gain 50% faster terminal cooldown and an extra guess when hacking terminals Revolver and melee
Piper Gift of Gab Gain x2 XP for conversations and location discovery Pistol
Porter Gage Lessons in Blood
Preston Garvey United We Stand +20% Damage and +20 damage. Resistance against 3+ opponents. Laser Musket
Strong Beserk +20% Weapon Damage after dropping below 25% health Assault rifles and melee
Paladin Danse Know Your Enemy +20% Damage against Feral Ghouls, Super Mutants, Synths Laser Rifle